Greater Gratiot Development Board of Directors and Affiliations

The GGDI organizational and board member structure is designed to mimic the requirements first advocated for the Federal Small Business Administration’s Certified Development Corporation (CDC) program. GGDI was once an independent CDC but now affiliates with the Michigan Certified Development Corporation to offer certain types of business financing. Even though GGDI chose to no longer be a CDC, it was determined that the organizational structure was an excellent way to assure maximum countywide involvement and transparency of purpose for economic development activity. Therefore, GGDI kept the CDC board membership structure. Today GGDI has a 32 member Board of Directors with one alternate.

GGDI board membership includes representatives from political and geographic areas of Gratiot County and represents the major segments of the local economy. The Board has organizational appointments and at-large appointments. All board positions are annual appointments. Member organizations have standing positions and are responsible for annual appointments to the GGDI Board. At-large positions are determined and selected by the GGDI Board to ensure that all significant economic sectors are represented and the widest interests of the county community are addressed. The GGDI Board of Directors meets on the third Friday of every month at various locations around the County.

Board Member Eligibility

Any person interested in Board membership may inquire by contacting GGDI or any of the organizations having standing membership.

FY 2018 Officers

Bill Henderson, Chair
Kevin Collison, Vice Chair
Steve Bakker, Treasurer
Robin Whitmore, Secretary

GGDI Board Affiliation | Fiscal Year 2018

Todd Albee Commercial Loan Lender, Chemical Bank Member at Large
Jan Amsterburg Superintendent, GIRESD Education
Garth Anderson Assistant Vice President-Lending, Commercial Bank Alma Action Association, Alternate
Steve Bakker Ackley Peters Insurance Agency Ithaca Promotional Committee
Greg Baleja Professor, Alma College Member at Large
Kevin Beeson Supervisor, Pine River Township Pine River Township
Taryn Blanshan Executive Director Gratiot Area Chamber of Commerce
Julie Bolt Clerk, Lafayette Township Township Association, Alternate
Russell Bongard County Commissioner Gratiot County Board of Commissioners
Cindy Bosley Chief Executive Officer, Masonic Pathways Member at Large
Marci Browne Realtor, America’s Choice Realty Realtor’s Association
Kevin Collison President & CEO, Commercial Bank Banking
Tracey Cordes County Administrator Gratiot County
Adam Geeres Branch Manager, Michigan Agricultural Commodities-Breckenridge Agriculture
Kurt Giles City Manager, City of St. Louis City of St. Louis
Brian Goward Breckenridge Division President, Isabella Bank Breckenridge-Wheeler Area Chamber of Commerce
Phil Hansen Director, Downtown Development Authority Middle of the Mitten Association
Bill Henderson President, Aircraft Precision Products, Inc. Member at Large
Nick Hirschman Owner, Hirschman Grain Agriculture
Greg Mapes Vice President and Treasurer, IBT City of Alma
Gary Melow Proprietor; Freelance Solutions LLC Member at Large
Pam Munderloh Attorney, Fortino, Plaston, & Costanzo Law Gratiot Bar Association
Harmony Nowlin Community Services Area Manager; Consumers Energy Utilities
Becky Roslund Supervisor, Newark Township Township Association, Alternate
Tim Schaub Branch Manager, Wilbur-Ellis Company Village of Breckenridge
Michael Selmon Provost, Alma College Member at Large
Sam Smith Commissioner Gratiot County Board of Commissioners
Heather Todd Graphic Designer, Pleasant Graphics Alma Action Association, Alternate
Ralph Ward Publisher, Boardroom Insider Employment & Training
Sherry Weber Assistant Vice President-Mortgage Lender, Mercantile Bank Member at Large
Teri Webster Education & Training Assistant, Merrill Institute Member at Large
Robin Whitmore Vice President, Gratiot Medical Center Member at Large
Chris Yonker City Manager, City of Ithaca City of Ithaca